Another fine month for Vondelphia and hopefully you too. Quote PDF style is better, visual appeal has been upgraded! The help section has undergone a nice revamp Footer was reworked and it's better because more helpful links have been added When you visit the affiliates page, if you are not signed up, you'll find a more attractive page Read More »

Lot's of coffee, not as many push-ups but still good progress! You'll notice some minor updates like the home page tweak or two...ahh, a couple of mini things like testimonial module and some newly added articles to the knowledgebase. Added a "new to Vondelphia" tour on landing page (inspired from Firefox new tab page) Homepage also has a ... Read More »

Let's start with a Jam! Earth Wind & Fire - September (She & Me Rework) Password reset flow is vamped up, easy and much more fast. Just saved you about 20 clicks! Added a bunch of articles to the knowledgebase When you select a dropdown from the nav menu, a dark transparent overlay is added to help visitor focus on content Updated ... Read More »

Some updates that have been published in July so far: The Vondelphia library has been updated! Just visit Our first Windows 2012 Server has been deployed. Soon, people can purchase Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting that offers Plesk (instead of cPanel) and IIS 8.5. Updated the nav logo, it's sharp and ... Read More »

Here are some of favorite updates that have been published in the month of June: The Vondelphia library has launched! Primary goal is to preserve and recommend at the same time, great literature that will help you succeed. Just visit and recommend some books as well! Our first Windows 2012 Server has been deployed. ... Read More »

Expected Outage: 40 minutes Start Time: 9:00PM CST (GMT -6) Outage Window: 9:00PM - 4:00AM (GMT -6)

A couple of changes you'll appreciate include: When you view an invoice, it should look more pleasing to the eye A couple of email templates have been modified Affiliates can now directory redirect visitors to subpages. Before, people could only be redirected to the homepage...not anymore! The carousel on homepage has been updated, ... Read More »

A couple of changes you'll appreciate include: republished the reseller hosting page added tons of good redirects for this page too, in the htaccess affiliate page has been vamped up and includes a facebook boosted post case study The outgoing email Company Name has been updated. It used to say "Von Enterprises" but now it says ... Read More »

firewall rules have been tweaked, for example, the number of failed login attempts for email accounts has been increased from 5 to 20 and the ban duration reduced to 30 minutes. set the age in days to auto purge user trashcans in cPanel to 90 days, before it was disabled (facepalm) download section has been loaded up with goodies, ... Read More »

Nothing to crazy but it's always a nice surprise to have something new, or even something old that's become better. successful checkout landing page has been vamped up a bit, you'll now see animated thank you gif, a mini paragraph and a numbered list with some ideas for you to take action on if you are wondering what you should do ... Read More »

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