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Adding or creating an addon domain inside cPanel is a great idea because you'll get full control over that domain by doing this. An addon domain, is just as powerful as your primary domain... but different from an Alias Domain or a Parked Domain.

HOWTO: Add or Create Addon Domain in cPanel

The fastest way to learn how to add an addon domain is to watch and skim through the video below. If you don't wish to watch the video, look below for instructions.

Video tutorial: create addon domain inside cpanel

Steps for Adding or Creating an Addon domain in cPanel

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Locate search box and type "Addon Domain"
  3. Type your desired addon domain in the "New Domain Name" input field
  4. *(optional) customize the "Subdomain" input field with a .com, .net, or other TLD
  5. *(optional) check box to create an addon domain specific FTP account
search for the addon domain option in cPanel addon-domains-create-addon-domain just type into a couple fields create-ftp-account-with-addon-domain check the FTP box if you wish