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$10 is a lot of money, yes it is… I'm certain of that. You see, this is a great learning experience and you'll walk away with a couple of things.

  1. more wisdom
  2. either plus or minus ten bucks
  3. a chunk of confidence

I like doin' big things - do you? I've been privileged with a Made in USA quality education, a great one, and I can afford to take a big risk to do big things so I can get big results.

"You don't get a biscuit if you don't risk it"
Reff Jeff

Check out this $10 boosted Facebook post by Mommadukes. It's literally, so easy, anyone can do this practice exercise! Here is the embedded boosted Facebook post:

Let's break it down. What exactly are you looking at?

  • 47 post likes (not the same as a page like)
  • 2 post loves
  • 1 post share
  • 849 people reached
  • 10 photo clicks
  • 2 page likes
  • tons more, please read below…

Peep these behind the scenes stats breakdown. Facebook doesn't do a really good job organizing the data, but they provide tons of it, and it looks cool too!

Post Details

When you click the View Results button, at the bottom of that post, this is what you'll see:

View Results for Boosted Post

On the left side, take note of the targeted audience, lifetime budget and promotional schedule. It's a replica of Mommadukes' attributes and positive personality traits.

Boost a facebook post now for $10! If you want, Von will help you setup a facebook marketing campaign. Let's friggin' do it, it'll be fun!

Women ages 20 - 50 who live within 25 miles and have 5 similar interest. A $10 investment yielded solid engagement for running just 1 day. I would also like to point out that she acquired a couple of new girlfriends. All she did was follow-up with 49 personal messenger messages. She also respectfully requested all 47 of the people who liked Lady Liberty, to like the official Vondelphia Facebook page. Why? Because Vondelphia does a better job than all other hosting providers.

May you please like Vondelphia page?

A couple of noteworthy facts and closing statements

  • 100% (beautiful) women targeted - not a single guy saw this exclusive post unless he was creepin'
  • similar interests mean it's easier to chit chat and convert a sale
  • even if you don't convert a sale, you can still visit the diner and have a cup of coffee and chit-chat about Reiki, Angel Card Readings, Therapeutic Crystal Healing and all that hokey pokey non-interesting girly stuff… sike, bad joke.. bad joke.
  • the one part of Facebook analytics says 657 people reached, but the other part says 849, this is because of a tiered (or ripple) effect.
  • lady liberty is beautiful, both a symbol for men and women and also EVERYONE around of the world.
  • organic and paid results do the same thing - they deliver results.
Good luck with your first boosted post and have fun!

It's all about results! That is exactly what Vondelphia delivers.