avoiding email abuse complaints

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What is an email complaint?

A complaint is when a contact clicks the "spam" button in their inbox... or something very similar. If you send enough email campaigns, you’ll inevitably run into spam filter issues. Spam filters and ISPs work hard to reduce junk email, so it’s important to understand what spam is and how spam filters and firewalls work. You should avoid being flagged to guarantee your emails reach the inbox folder and not the trash / junk folder.

How do I reduce email complaints?

Educate yourself, and just be reasonable. With a smart approach to anything in life, you can tackle and solve most problems... even spam complaints.

Here are some tips, tricks and advice:

  • Treat your email campaigns as an extension of your website, store, or brand.
  • Don’t use purchased, rented, or scraped lists.
  • Don’t assume that you have permission.
  • Don’t hide the unsubscribe/opt-out link in your campaigns.