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Website is loading a blank page. When visit the domain, a file is instead requested to be downloaded. Perhaps the website hosted on the domain is using WordPress too.

Here are potentional problems, it's likely a web hosting server environment issue:

  • server software, like Linux, Windows, PHP, Apache, etc.
  • wordpress code with plugins or theme
  • local desktop issue

Peep this swift possible fix list and move on with the rest of your day...

  1. file permissions for folders on web server
  2. double-check .htaccess, allow php variations to be on the safe side
  3. *if using cPanel, check the /home/user/ folder for .htaccess and compare with the stuff in public_html folder
  5. local firewall or a download manager setting is installed
  6. open the blank file and analyze / inspect code for PHP stuff, like version, .ini, or any other hints
  7. disable all extensions and recheck in private browser tabs
  8. launch up multiple browsers and test in each of those
  9. check for browser hijacker trash and do swift cleanup
    1. chrome
      • uninstall chrome, restart PC than reinstall
      • clear browsing data
    2. IE > tools > connection > lan >
      • don't use proxy = un-check it and select automatically detect settings
      • do use proxy = double-check settings
  10. launch CMD and type ipconfig /renew
  11. run browser in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (or XP)
  12. install and run ccleaner
  13. install and run spybot search and destroy
  14. install and run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Try adding this snippet to the .htaccess file in the /home/userXYZ folder, if using cPanel.

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