cpanel accounts: clone copy transfer migrate and restore

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Just take the "Full Website / Account Backup" at the remote host, then transfer that file to your reseller account, and we'll perform the import.

Watch Video Tutorial

It's easier for us, in fact, probably better if you do as little work as possible.

So basically, you'll just log into the desired cPanel account(s) and do this:

  1. Type in search box and click Backup
  2. Click on the button, Download a Full Website Backup
  3. Under the dropdown for Backup Destination choose Home Directory
  4. Decide if you want to receive an email notification
  5. Click the Generate Backup button
  6. Wait a swift moment than click the archive file to download to your desktop, it'll be named something like backup-4.20.2017_15-36-18_username.tar.gz
  7. Navigate to your reseller account, and upload the .gz archive file(s) accordingly. 
  8. Open ticket or launch live chat and with some patience, everything will be complete.

What does the cPanel Full Website / Account Backup include? Great question!

  • email
  • email forwards
  • SQL databases
  • all files in /home directory... which is everything ^ _ ^