Domain Broker: Domain Buy Service

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After you purchase domain buy service for $55, Vondelphia will goto work!

  • A personal domain broker that will dedicate UPTO 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name's current owner.
  • We will contact domain owner and send out multiple lines of milti-lingual communication (email, call, text and snail mail).
  • Sadly, if we are unable to contact the domain owner, no progress will made, and you will be unable to acquire the domain name.
  • We do not guarantee the acquisition of your favorite domain name.
  • We guarantee our best effort to contact the registrant and negotiate the best deal for you.

The domain buy service is good for those who are not familiar with the domain name aftermarket, or, just want assistance with domain research & development.

Sometimes, things in life are not for sale. If a domain owner responds really fast with a "hard no", you will be refunded the domain buy service. Look at it this way, bad refund policies are infuriating. It is not fair to take your money when we are not able to get the ball rolling.