getting started with ssh and sftp

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SSH and SFTP are two secure ways of uploading files onto your server. Let us show you how to establish an SSH connection. Also, you'll learn how to install an SFTP client plus configure it so you can easily publish your files to the web.

What is (shell) SSH access?

SSH, or secure shell, utilizes the command line to securely access your server and manually enter commands to edit files and folders.

What is secure file transfer protocol?

SFTP is the SSH file transfer protocol people use to achieve a safe and fast way to access data. Typically, you'll use a program that provides a goo • ee, or graphic user interface, to manage everything. Let it be known, that SFTP is different from FTP, and FTPS.

Are you looking for an already published guide that'll show you howto use an FTP client?

Look no further because we have you covered. Please watch either video below, to see howto SFTP into your server, or SSH into your server.

SSH using PuTTY

Click here to watch a video tutorial on howto SSH into your server using PuTTY.

SFTP using FileZilla

Click here to watch a video tutorial on howto SFTP into your server using FileZilla.