How to Embed Google Form

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Google Forms is a decent tool for collecting info from forms. G forms is free and lets you make unlimited, stylish forms.

WordPress users commonly use free form builder plugins for basic functionality. G Forms has some advanced features and offers WordPress and email integration.

Embedding Google Forms in WordPress

First, we need to go to the embed Google Form website to create a form. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Google Forms then choose a default page or a template from the gallery.
  2. Fill out the blank fields – title, description, and add questions including the type of answers you want to get and add additional questions, titles, descriptions, images, videos or sections.
  3. Get the link once you're done filling the embed Google form and click send, located on the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Copy the link from the pop-up window displayed by the "<>" embed icon. Based on your preference, you can set the width and the height of the form.
  5. Go to WordPress, make a new post or edit a draft. If you need to add link in WordPress' new layout, switch to Edit as HTML first by clicking the three-dot option.
  6. Add the link to the html mode block.
  7. Preview to see how your form looks, simply switch to Edit Visually on the block other than previewing.
  8. Publish your post when you're done.

Embedding Google Forms in Email

This is how you Google Forms into an email. This is great to collect info directly from users who don't want to leave the Thunderbird (or Outlook) inbox.

  1. Create Google form after logging in with your Google account.
  2. Fill out the blank fields like titles, descriptions, questions, etc.
  3. Share your form by clicking send to share it to email addresses.
  4. Include form in email by clicking on envelope icon once you have a popup window. Then, add emails address in the To fields. The most important part is checking the Include form in email option to show it in the email body.

We can use Google Forms to collect customer feedback, survey, manage events and more. Embedding Google Forms on a website or email is easy.