lightweight virtual environment by cloudlinux

LVE Manager will limit all CPU, IO, memory resources, numbers of processes, and concurrent connections on a per user basis. Benefits to running a controlled, shared hosting server include:

  1. Wicked awesome server stability
  2. Maximum server hardware control
  3. Competitive shared hosting pricing

What does a stock LVE Manager setup look like?

By default, our controlled LVE manager, is already more than double our top competitors. If your current web hosting provider is not using CloudLinux, shame on them... and it sucks to be you.

  • CPU Usage 0 / 100
  • I/O Usage 0 / 10240 KB/s
  • IOPS 0 / 1024
  • Entry Processes 0 / 20
  • Physical Memory Usage 0 bytes / 1 GB
  • Number Of Processes 0 / 100

Note, we've quadrupled, the most important attribute. Here is what our server config LVE setup looks like:

  • CPU Usage 0 / 100
  • I/O Usage 0 / 40960 KB/s
  • IOPS 0 / 2046
  • Entry Processes 0 / 40
  • Physical Memory Usage 0 bytes / 2 GB
  • Number Of Processes 0 / 200

Smart hosting providers, will limit server hardware, on a per each user basis to stop others from being a bully and gluttoneous.

Which stats are most important?

Hands-down, you'll want tons of I/O and a good chunk of Physical Memory. Typically, an enthusiast weill benchmark a server, and look first at those attributes. For people who demand performance over value, you'll like the kind of results we deliver.

Here is a pic of our LVE setup below: