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phpMyAdmin - a MySQL Database Administration Tool

Video Introduction: phpMyAdmin

Meet phpMyAdmin, this database administration tool will give you the power to view your desired database tables and a whole bunch more. It's not a lean-mean fighting machine like Adminer, but it's just as powerful.

To view a database, in the Databases section of the cPanel home screen, click phpMyAdmin. The phpMyAdmin administration page should appear in a new window.

Using the search box will give you the same results. Always look for the search box to save time!


Now, just select a database inside phpMyAdmin but before you make any changes, just click the export button at the top center. Now if you make any mistakes, you can just import.


This is a good time to visit phpMyAdmin documentation


Another hint, you may view the current MySQL processes running by clicking “Processes” tab once your inside of phpMyAdmin.