open new tab target link on selecting dropdown option

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But why would I want this?! Just a few reasons that I can think of might be:

  • redirect visitors to privacy refund terms of services policy
  • conditional logic redirecting in forms (if this than that stuff)
  • provide additional navigation in non-traditional method
  • web application stuff?

Dropdown / Select Box Navigation with JavaScript

Here is an example snippet, you would want to add to your site. This will redirect, on user click select dropdown option to appropriate site. In our case, we wanted to have our visitors, easily read and look over our policies.

incoming search query terms:

  • How to open a page in a new window or tab from code-behind
  • jQuery Redirect onClick Event (New or Same Window)
  • How to make onchange dropdown option-url to open in my page
  • Dropdown selector, change to target=“_blank”