risk evaluation

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We have three different types of fraudulent risk levels. Please take just a moment to glance over and analyze.

High Risk

We report these processed payments as high risk because we believe they are likely fraudulent. These payments will be blocked automatically by default and you'll be notified almost instantly.

Elevated Risk

A review will be opened with the "Elevated Risk" when a payment has an increased chance of being fraudulent. By default, these payments are processed and are automatically placed into a review queue. We take a closer look by doing a few things, for example:

  • IP checks
  • cross-reference billing profiles
  • double-check previous risks reviews

Normal Risk

Payments with a normal risk evaluation have fewer characteristics of fraud than payments that with elevated or high risk. However, you'll be notified after we fulfilled order(s). Processed payments with normal risk can still turn out to be fraudulent.