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Help! I've been contacted and accused of spam.

No problem... we are here to help. Not often, but we will send emails to explain that our organization is being accused of sending spam, on your behalf. Our priorities are to fix the spam, report results AND guarantee your service(s) go uninterrupted.

We typically recommend two courses of actions for you, and they are:

  • hire an admin or IT buddy to help secure and fix the problem
  • swiftly remove the domain that is sending emails (and getting complaints) 

Once we get what we need, we'll take the next steps to remove and whitelist your domain and IPs.

All we ask, is that you explain how the spam abuse problem has been terminated or fixed.

Please, if there is anything we can do to assist, just let us know.

Just in case, you are curious to what the penalties could be, they may include:

  1. Termination of service(s) with or without partial refund
  2. Null routed IP and / or domain. Basically, you'll be eliminated
  3. An (automated) email, summarizing... "Hey buddy, please fix or say goodbye"

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