What are SSL Wildcard certificates?

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A wildcard certificate can secure any number of subdomains of a base domain (e.g. *.example.com). Easily protect one website and all related pages and subdomains with a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Wildcard certificates are available free of charge. We advise that you enable and install SSL certificate on all your websites to gain user trust, to boost your ranking and to encrypt information.

You don't need to purchase a Wildcard SSL because Vondelphia can give you as many as you want, for free.

Wildcard SSL certificates will secure your website URL and an unlimited number of subdomains. A single Wildcard SSL certificate encrypts data submitted to a single website (vondelphia.com) and all its related subdomains (fart.vondelphia.com, dobermann.vondelphia.com, howdy.vondelphia.com).

Example: If you deploy a wildcard ssl certificate for *.hipdomain.com, you secure:

  • hipdomain.com
  • www.hipdomain.com
  • 123abcXYZ.hipdomain.com

Wildcard certificates secure websites just like regular SSL certificates, and requests are processed using the same validation methods. Wildcard SSL Certificates are really popular for WordPress multisite subdomain setups.