What is WooCommerce hosting?

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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Together with WordPress, it powers a ton of online stores on the internet. But it’s unlike other plugins and you need to know that in order to select the right hosting partner.

The actual WooCommerce hosting product, is more or less, the exact same thing as our cloud hosting.

When you buy WooCommerce Hosting you are purchasing a package that tells Von to give you a different kind of attention. We provide a more specialized type of support that has dedicated focus on eCommerce website growth. For example, you'll get tips and tricks on:

  1. how to make your site load faster
  2. which marketing plugins we recommend
  3. the best setup for handling tax, shipping and payment gateway
  4. using a great theme that has clean code

Vondelphia will help with all the plugin configuration. eCommerce sites have to be treated differently, because it takes more than auto-deploying a plugin and calling it "WooCommerce Hosting". Using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin will give you:

  • Endless possibilities to sell all kinds of products (or services) from anywhere in the world.
  • A simple yet powerful eCommerce site that enables you to manage your custom online shop easily.
  • An open-source, complete customization eCommerce platform.
  • Meticulously documented info to help you make the changes you want.

WooCommerce can scale if you have the right hosting partner. Consider buying (or transferring) your WooCommerce website to Vondelphia.

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