Frequently asked questions

People count on Vondelphia everyday, you will not be disappointed.
Why are you giving away a Free Tee Shirt?

Each day, Vondelphia thinks, "What can we do to make our customers even more wealthy?". A great shirt can go a far way — especially if you know someone who is willing to give you the one off their back. That's Von!

How does Von help people succeed?

We help build your dreams and reach goals. When you join forces with Von, and spend your money we promise to try and blow you away with best-foot-forward results!

Why choose Vondelphia?

No secrets or magical formula, Vondelphia just tries alot of stuff until we find something that works with our vision. If you want results, superior quality and fair pricing — you'll love Vondelphia. All we want to do is help people with domains, hosting and websites.

Why get a domain name from Von?

It just so happens, domain registration and website hosting are complimentary services. Vondelphia does not, and will never make profit on domain renewals. Our pricing model is the best because of that reason.

How do I get the free tee shirt?

After you purchase hosting, just edit your profile and fill out every field. Yes, it's that easy.

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