Thank you very much for your service to the United States Armed Forces! After you place an order, just open a ticket and you will receive a 17.76% account credit from your most recent order. It's not a problem if you want a partial refund instead, we can do that too, just specify in the ticket.

Don't get me started, it's an absolute joke how many businesses in the USA do not offer a discount. Some people do, and that is kind of nice, but not really. The actual discount is disrespectful in my opinion. What the frig is a 7% or 10% discount? Typical state tax is 7% so that means you are getting a 3% discount. Really? Pff. I just don't understand why people who run a business do not show more respect and offer a real discount. It just doesn't make any sense why so many losers who should offer a discount, do not.

CEO / Founder of — Matt G.

Who is eligible?

Army National Guard of the United States
United States Army Reserve
United States Marine Corps Reserve
United States Navy Reserve
Air National Guard of the United States
United States Air Force Reserve
United States Coast Guard Reserve

It goes without being said that if you are a veteran, you get a discount too... right? Future plans include making WEB Hosting 50% off, maybe even free... to all armed forces. As of right now, Von is not powerful enough to offer that, sadly... but soon!