Thank you very much for your service to the United States Armed Forces! After you place an order, just open a ticket and you will receive a 17.76% account credit from your most recent order. It's not a problem if you want a partial refund instead, we can do that too, just specify in the ticket.

Let me vent for a moment because it's incredibly frustrating to see how many businesses in the USA fail to provide meaningful discounts. Sure, there are a few that offer some form of discount, which may seem nice at first glance, but let's be honest, it's hardly significant. I find these so-called discounts to be quite disrespectful, to be honest. I mean, seriously, what's the point of a measly 7% or 10% discount? It's barely even noticeable when you consider that the typical state tax alone is 7%. Essentially, you're only getting a paltry 3% discount. It's absurd. I just can't comprehend why business owners don't prioritize showing more respect to their customers by offering a real discount.

Founder of Von — Matt G.

Who is eligible?

Army National Guard of the United States
United States Army Reserve
United States Marine Corps Reserve
United States Navy Reserve
Air National Guard of the United States
United States Air Force Reserve
United States Coast Guard Reserve

Naturally, one would assume that veterans would receive a discount, wouldn't they? Well, our future plans involve offering a significant discount, and perhaps even free web hosting, to all armed forces personnel. Unfortunately, at the moment, Von doesn't have the capability to provide such an offer. However, we are working towards that goal and hope to make it a reality in the near future!