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Tips, Tricks & FAQs

  1. The most successful businesses use the same set of words and images in all customer touchpoints – on their website, in their emails and order confirmations, on their signs and so forth. This is branding at its simplest. The digital pieces of your brand originate from your domain name.
    1. Decide on a domain name extension. These TLDs, or, top level domains are the part at the end of the domain name – .net, .biz, .org or .com.
    2. You should consider your domain to match a business name or even your nickname.
    3. Type the domain you desire into the box at the top of this page. If that particular domain is available, you can register it for $25. Each year after the first, you'll pay an $8 domain renewal fee for as long as you wish to own the domain.
    4. Pick one, add it to your cart and check out. You are now the proud owner of your very own domain.
    • Make it easy to remember, like your first name!
    • Don’t register one that’s trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company.
    • Shorter is almost always better.
    • Got a local business? Include your neighborhood, city or country in your domain.
    • Avoid numbers and hyphens.
    • Get multiple domains, or at the very least, the .com and .net.
    • Give yourself credibility in the online world.
    • Replace your free email account with a self-hosted email - control your data!
    • Install PHP Apps and run a blog or community forum.
    • Resell your domain name and make a profit!
    • Host a personal storage server, share your data!
    • Give the gift of a domain to a friend.
Price gouging is bad for everyone!
Domain sales are kinda silly — it promotes backward progress.

Did you know registering a domain was free before 1995? It's true...

Before ‘95, anyone could register domains for free. Everything changed when the National Science Foundation awarded tech consulting company, Network Solutions, the ability to charge for domain registration. There was money to be made! For $100, you could register any domain for two years.

It just so happens, domain registration and website hosting are complimentary services. Vondelphia does not and will never make profit on domain renewals. That is why our pricing is the best.

Vondelphia’s goal is to bring balance to the Domain Registration market, and eventually reduce Domain Renewal fee to $4 a year (50% cheaper than current price).

Lifetime, 8 dollar domain renewals.

$25 registration / transfer fee
Company Annual Price
Vondelphia $8
Everyone Else Price Gouge
GoDaddy $15.17
1&1 $14.99
NameCheap $10.69
Google $12
Uniregistry $10.88
Network Solutions $34.99
Dynadot $10.99
Melbourne IT $36.50
Hover $13.17
Gandi $15.50

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