Lifetime, eight dollar annual domain renewal fee.

$25 domain registration / transfer fee
Free Email Forwarding NS / Registrar Locking
Automatic domain renewal
(free) Lifetime WHOIS Privacy
Simple Domain Management Tools
Guaranteed $8 Domain Renewal Fee
No Hidden Fees AND No Bait & Switch

Short, unique and memorable — the three characteristics of a perfect domain. Every day thousands of domains are registered worldwide, so get yours now for $25 (or for free if you buy hosting).

Price gouging is bad for everyone!

Before ‘95, anyone could register domains for free. Everything changed when the National Science Foundation awarded tech consulting company, Network Solutions, the ability to charge for domain registration. For $100, you could register any domain for two years.

Did you know registering a domain was free before 1995? It's sad, but true...

It just so happens, domain registration and website hosting are complimentary services. Vondelphia does not and will never make profit on domain renewals. That is why our pricing is the best.

Domain sales are kinda silly — it promotes backward progress. That is why Vondelphia has a goal is to bring balance to the Domain Registration market. Once the Vondelphia Domain Portfolio is large enough, we'll eventually reduce Domain Renewal fee to $4 a year (50% cheaper than current price).

Company Annual Renewal Fee $8
Everyone Else Price Gouge
GoDaddy $15.17 $17.99
NameCheap $10.69 $12.98
HiChina $15.85
1&1 $14.99
Google $12
Uniregistry $10.88
Network Solutions $34.99
Dynadot $10.99
Melbourne IT $36.50
Hover $13.17
Gandi $15.50
Amazon Route 53 $12

Looking for domain name statistical tools?

DN Pedia, ARIN Member List, DomainState and Domain Name Stats are way cool websites if you're a numbers-kinda-guy. Here is a bonus collection of random links.