1.5" Round Button Pins

A simple form of fashion starting at $2/btn

Custom Pin Product

Von will make you a beautiful, customized pin and have it shipped in less than 48 hours. You'll get more attention, increased social reach that will result in an increase in leads.

After printing out dozens of buttons, using different shades / tints of colors I believe I've found a proper eye-catching button that will look really good in natural sunlight AND indoor lighting. If you look at the pin under a microscope... well, that's a different story. 😂😅

Service Description

  • Visualize Size Comparison
  • Made in Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Upload artwork files right now to expedite your order!
  • Add "flair" to a backpack, hat, computer bag, hoodie, etc...
  • Round button pins measures 1.50" in diameter
  • Aluminum front, Metal / Plastic Back, Metal Point
  • Buttons. Not just for shirts anymore.
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Free USPS Shipping

Get your custom pins fast! Typical 4-day turnarounds are not uncommon.


Unlimited Revisions

Review your proof, and request changes until you are 100% happy.


Good Quality

Each custom pin will easily fasten to your clothing or accessories.