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Priorities: First is performance. Second is privacy. Third is support.
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Why pick Vondelphia Joomla Hosting?

Each of our web hosting solutions are fine-tuned, racecar-fast and ready for deployment! Consider Von to host your data to get the best possible results — nobody does Shared Hosting better than Vondellphia!

Instant installation + fast migration

Use our one-click installation tool to set up your Joomla Hosting in under 60 seconds.

Incredible Uptime

Always online and never offline! Have us create your monitoring page to keep tabs on website availability.

Philadelphia-based support

Nobody likes a Mr. Know-it-all UNTIL somebody needs help. Everytime, you'll get a non-template reply that solves your problem!

Scope of Support

We are Hosting experts

Every problem has a solution, we've solved almost every possible problem. Von's been crushing help tickets for years! It's true...

Solid Joomla Hosting

The first choice for eCommerce.

We deliver fair pricing with Made in USA quality results. Many eCommerce websites use Joomla because it's open source, built specifically for commercial websites and clean-coded (extra fast). If you desire an easy way to manage your physical products so you can make money — consider Joomla to sell your business products.


Your website hosted with Von will hardly ever be offline, at most, an hour or two each year. Servers must be restarted to install security patches. You'll get transparency when you choose Von to host your Joomla site because we give all our customer's a free uptime monitoring landing page to "make sure everything is okay".


Poor load times are bad for every website, but they can be a terminator for eCommerce sites. Joomla hosting from Vondelphia gives you high CPU resources that make a noticeable difference to every visitor.


All Vondelphia hosting has great security because we give everyone unlimited, free SSL certificates. We do not, and will never scam our customers by selling SSL certificates. That little green lock on your website is a symbol that represents protection. Von promise's to protect your data without ripping you off.


A flexible hosting solution is absolutely "essential". Nobody wants to hear about database limits when trying to fill orders. Joomla Hosting by Vondelphia lets you ramp-up resources when needed and conserve when not.