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  1. matt-vondelphia

    My name is Matt, I'm a nice guy from South Jersey. I created Von to offer Website Hosting in the U.S.A. — nobody does Shared Hosting better than me. Unlike the competition, works much harder and deliver's better results. Nobody can tell me Von is not the best.

    I believe people love Vondelphia because...

    1. 17.76% Armed Forces discount
    2. Made in USA quality hosting @ $12/mt
    3. (courtesy) Zero-downtime migration
    4. Everything everywhere is white-labeled
    5. Private & reliable custom email address
    6. Industry best, $8 lifetime domain renewals
    7. Closed on Sunday

    There is nobody that can do Shared Hosting better than me. Not GoDaddy, not Bluehost not Rackspace. Not Google or Amazon, especially not Shopify Weebly or Wix.

  2. Once you purchase hosting, just open a ticket and share your WEB Hosting credentials. Command us to migrate whatever it is you want. Mostly everyone migrates their entire account, some just a single domain with website to test things out ‐ whatever you want... no problem!

    Open Migration Ticket

    Von will help with migrating your website or store to our platform, for free.

  3. It's your responsibility, your data and most important... you control everything. This means we recommend:

    • using a password manager to generate a strong password
    • telling us when you have a problem so we can fix it
    • making sure billing is squared-up
    • asking any questions plus give feedback anytime
    • all account data is accurate, so we trust each other
  4. Just download an FTP program, like Filezilla, and connect to your server using the welcome email credentials.

    • hostname / IP
    • username
    • password

    Once you connect, you'll navigate to the public_html folder, whatever is in that folder, is live on the web!